Customers to Benefit from Go-Ahead Ireland Timetable Changes

1 year ago Tue 4th Jun 2019

Monday 10th June 2019; Following consultation with and approval from the National Transport Authority (NTA), Go-Ahead Ireland are amending several of their timetables. The changes will come into effect on Sunday the 16th June 2019 and relate to the 17 (Blackrock-Rialto route), 17A (Blanchardstown-Kilbarrack route), 104 (Clontarf-DCU route), 114 (Blackrock-Ticknock) and 220 (Lady’s Well Road-DCU route).

Commenting on the changes, Patrick Ellis, Operations Manager of Go-Ahead Ireland said, “Like all operators, we are constantly monitoring our data and customer feedback to see if there are improvements that will benefit passengers. When we were awarded the tendered contract for the 10% of Dublin Bus routes, the NTA made changes to the existing routes in order to improve frequency and link up for efficiently with other transport hubs such as Luas and the rail network. Following further review of customer and timing data we are now introducing further changes to improve the service for passengers”.

Go-Ahead Ireland and NTA analysed all data as well as feedback from customers and elected representatives. A summary is below, and the timetables are available now on both the and websites.

17A - Blanchardstown to Kilbarrack route

  • Morning peak departures revised. 10 minute frequency, from Kilbarrack, between 0655 and 0750

17 Blackrock - Rialto route

  • Morning peak departures revised. 10 minute frequency from Rialto between 0640 and 0710
  • Apart from the 17D route, all journeys operate the entire length of the route (i.e. there are no short trips, terminating at UCD mid route)
  • The 17C route no longer operates, all the previous 17C journeys are converted into 17 journeys meaning UCD is served on every trip

114 Blackrock - Ticknock route

  • Trip running times have been reviewed to account for variable traffic conditions

220 Lady's Well Road - DCU route

  • Trip running times have been reviewed to account for variable traffic conditions
  • 0842 from Lady's Well Road now leaves at 0810 in order to provide better connections for school times.
  • Stop 94 on Ballymun Road will no longer be served by the 220/220A. This is due to the fact the bus must cross several lanes of traffic to turn right at the next junction.

104 Clontarf Road – DCU route

  • Trip running times have been reviewed to account for variable traffic conditions
  • Departures/Arrivals at DCU have moved slightly
  • On Sunday, the last two trips continue all the way through to Clontarf Station (as opposed to terminating at Beaumont Hospital)
  • The timetable has been revised on this route so that most arrive in DCU a quarter to the hour and leave approximately 10 mins after the hour; to facilitate the start and end of lectures.

The process to change timetables takes several months and involves data analysis, planning, approval and implementation. “Even a small timetable change needs careful planning. Furthermore, one of the criteria for changing any timetable is that it doesn’t impact negatively further down the line, which would create increased bottle necks. It’s important that we get the right balance. We’d like to thank the travelling public for both their feedback and patience in this regard,” said Mr Ellis.

Transport for Ireland (TFI) is running an information campaign to alert passengers to the changes including local print and radio advertising. Go-Ahead Ireland will roll out posters on its fleet and also provide updates via social media. TFI is also working to update printed bus stop timetables which expect to be completed in July.


For further information please contact;

Nikki Gordon, Head of Stakeholder Relations, Go-Ahead Ireland

Email: & Mobile: 00 353 86 7757502