Engagement Officer

We are recruiting for a Engagement Officer to join our team at Go-Ahead Ireland. This position will report to the Customer Relationship Manager and will be based in our Ballymount depot.


This position will actively work to deliver on the Company’s strategies on internal and external engagement. The position will effectively deliver our company strategy to both our colleagues and external stakeholders, by positively engaging them in activities and campaigns throughout each year, ensuring that the Company’s vision, beliefs and attitudes are at the core of everything we do.


As part of this position, the internal engagement will include a focus on delivering on the various projects and campaigns ran to focus on the overall welfare of colleagues, ensuring that the business is continuing to offer the right facilities, work environments and positive culture for everyone to develop and thrive in. On top of this, the role will support the customer relationship manager in delivering the Company strategy on community engagement in a professional and positive way, by managing events with schools, charities, local businesses and disability groups that Go-Ahead Ireland work with. As well as an ambassador for the business this role will be a leader in the delivery of the company’s Vision, Beliefs and Attitudes


Key Responsibilities and tasks

  • Actively deliver on the Company’s internal and external communication plans to all stakeholders, whilst ensuring that the Vision, Beliefs and Attitudes and Company Strategy set out by the Managing Director, are at the core of all activity.
  • Based on the learning from the activities carried out, assist in the process of developing the internal and external communication plans to ensure the engagement activities are both impactful and achievable. 
  • Support internal departmental activities and campaigns to ensure that they are aligned to the strategy and vision, beliefs and attitudes,
  • Work to ensure that all external stakeholder planned activities are aligned to the strategy and vision, beliefs and attitudes.
  • Create and deliver engagement activities whilst always looking for ways to actively improve internal practices and external stakeholder engagement.
  • Responsibility in managing, participating, and complying with the Integrated Management System (IMS)


External Stakeholders

  • To foster and maintain existing relationships with key stakeholders, including Dublin GAA, local organisations, disability groups and charities Go-Ahead Ireland are associated with. This includes assisting the Customer Relationship Manager in building new and strengthening existing relationships with Community Centres and Disability and User Groups, along the Go-Ahead Ireland network, to gain insights and feedback on suggested improvements for these customers.
  • To develop and manage projects throughout the year, involving other colleagues from around the business as well as vendors and the NTA. This will include championing the importance of public transport and the impact anti-social behaviour has on the community and the services that Go-Ahead Ireland operate. 
  • To actively deliver Company communication and engagement plans effectively to all relevant stakeholders.
  • Engage with the community on the expected changes in relation to Go-Ahead Ireland’s services in line with Bus Connects for the implementations that Go-Ahead Ireland are involved with. Use these insights to understand any perceived and actual barriers that may be facing all potential customers of our services, and work with the relevant internal managers and NTA to mitigate these barriers, such as the hosting visits to community centres, etc to talk with customers, promoting the Travel Assistance Scheme, etc.
  • Support on other external campaigns relating to the NTA, such as electrification and new ticketing as and when they become ready for launch.
  • Work closely with Dublin GAA to deliver on community projects, whilst raising the Go-Ahead Ireland brand.  
  • Support in managing the CSR activities of the business and charity partnerships.
  • To identify via a variety of methods (conversations, interactive data capture, surveys and focus groups etc) the barriers to the local community in engaging with Go-Ahead Ireland and to instigate learnings from this research to affect change within the organisation and remove barriers.


Internal Stakeholders

  • Actively deliver all internal engagement activities to colleagues, such as running drop in sessions, hosting roadshows across the depots, etc. Using the insights gained from these activities to continually review the effectiveness of the method of delivery and work with the internal communications executive to ensure that messages are being heard and taken onboard. Use this information to feedback to the managers in the relevant department and the senior leadership team.
  • Support colleagues when issues arise and be a neutral point of contact for front line colleagues to discuss matters.
  • Assist with delivering the employee engagement survey annually.
  • Support the senior leadership team with messages that require delivering out to the business.
  • Build strong and positive relationships across the business with colleagues.


Knowledge and Skills


  • Relevant experience in delivering strategic messages to a remote working business in an engagement role.
  • Experience of working in community engagement and outreach projects.
  • Experience of creating and delivering events with demonstrable experience of a hands-on approach.
  • Experience of working closely with internal and external stakeholders. 
  • Good attention to detail.
  • Experience of Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint.
  • Excellent organisational and administrational skills.
  • Ability to liaise and work with key stakeholders.
  • Ability to work under own initiative or under instruction.
  • Good communication skills both written and verbal.
  • Ability to work to deadlines.



  • Knowledge of the bus industry
  • Public speaking and speaking to large groups


General Safety Responsibilities:

  • To act in a manner as to ensure the health, safety, welfare, environment and fire safety of yourself and others in the organisation as well as any clients and visitors.
  • Ensure that you and any guests to any company premises understand emergency and evacuation arrangements.
  • Ensure your working environment is maintained in a safe and tidy condition.  To act proactively in identifying and any unsafe practices or safety risks in the organisation and reporting these through the appropriate channels.
  • Ensure adherence to all relevant company and Go-Ahead group company policies and procedures.



This job description is a guide only. Any omission from this job description does not in any way imply that it is not part of the required duties. Employees are expected to comply with the instructions of any Company Official.


If you are interested in applying for this role and joining our team please email careers@goaheadireland.ie with both your CV and a cover letter and the subject “Engagement Officer”.


Closing date for applications are Sunday 18th July 2021.