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Go-Ahead Gears up for Autumn Schedules

1 year ago Mon 15th Oct 2018

Go-Ahead  Gears up for Autumn Schedules

What Can you Expect from Dublin’s Newest Bus Company

Thursday, 20th September 2018; Go-Ahead Ireland introduced its first bus, the 175, at the beginning of the month. Operating between UCD Campus and Citywest, in a few short weeks it is already an established and busy route in the capital, servicing thousands of passengers along its 24km journey. 

According to Ed Wills, Managing Director Go-Ahead Ireland, the company’s entry into the market has been really positive, “We have recruited and trained 161 drivers – which is well on track – all of whom are ready to take over the next phase of routes, beginning on 7th October. We know there has been a lot of change to the Dublin transport landscape recently – and a lot more to come – which is why we are taking this opportunity explain how Go-Ahead Ireland fits into the picture,” he said. 

What will Go-Ahead buses look like?

The buses are blue, white and green in the smart Transport for Ireland colours, they have Go-Ahead Ireland printed along the sides. They also have a yellow front, so they are easy to see in poor weather conditions and at night.

What routes will Go-Ahead Ireland operate?

By the end of January 2019 Go-Ahead Ireland will operate 10% of the current bus network in Dublin consisting of the Outer Dublin Metropolitan Area (ODMA) Public Service Obligation (PSO) bus routes. These are as follows;

Phase 0

  • Route 175 – operational since 9th September 2018

Phase 1

  • Routes 45A, 75, 63 & 59 – 7th October 2018

Phase 2

  • Routes 111, 184 & 185 – 21st October 2018

Phase 3

  • Routes 17A, 33A, 33B, 102, 104 & 220 – 2nd December 2018

Phase 4

  • Routes 17, 18, 76, 76A, 114, 161, 236, 238, 239 & 270 – 20th January 2019

The buses will serve communities from Balbriggan in North County Dublin to Newcastle in Co Wicklow; drop off and collect from 1,721 bus stops and travel hundreds of thousands of kilometres annually. These dates are subject to alteration by the National Transport Authority (NTA).

Who does what?

Go-Ahead Ireland operates the bus routes which are serviced by its own drivers. The National Transport Authority (NTA) is responsible for determining the bus routes required to service the needs of the public. They also develop and manage all aspects in relation to fare setting, Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI), destinations and timetables. Transport for Ireland is the consumer brand created by the NTA.

How can you plan your route?

All routes can be planned online via the website, TFI Journey planner App and TFI Real Time Information App. In time, Go-Ahead Ireland’s website will also have a journey planner section. New bus stops will carry timetable information and in advance of switchover dates, TFI and Go-Ahead Ireland will implement a localised marketing campaign across multiple traditional and digital platforms.

Is Go-Ahead Ireland an Irish or English company?

Go-Ahead Ireland is an Irish company with an international workforce hailing from Africa, Australia, the UK, Ireland and many other countries. We are also an autonomous arm of The Go-Ahead Group in the UK, who has three decades of bus and rail expertise, which we draw from. We welcome diversity and if you want to work for us, visit our website for vacancy details.

Do Go-Ahead Ireland buses take Leap cards?

We take every method of payment the current provider takes including Leap Card, Free Travel Cards, rambler tickets, annual passes, cash and Dublin Bus tickets.  

What training do drivers receive?

As well as technical training, we offer a range of programmes to help our drivers understand the journey from the customers perspective with a particular focus being put on customers who may be more vulnerable such as elderly travellers, those with special needs and disabilities including wheelchair users, those living with dementia, sight and hearing loss, speech disorders, learning difficulties and those on the autistic spectrum. We have also introduced age simulation training via the GERontologic Test Suit, which mimics impairments such as opacity of the eye lens, reduced grip ability, head mobility restrictions and loss of strength. 

“In April of this year we committed to an investment of €8.5m in our company here and nearly six months on, we have opened our depot in Ballymount, have a fleet of 125 buses, 217 colleagues, are on track with recruitment and continuing to employ great drivers, engineers and support colleagues; have introduced our first bus route and are looking forward to the coming months when the Go-Ahead Ireland brand expands across Dublin,” concluded Ed Wills.

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For more information or to arrange a media interview please contact;

Nikki Gordon, 

Head of Stakeholder Relations, 

Go-Ahead Ireland on 087 7985759/086 7757502 

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