Increase in Capacity from 10th of May

1 year ago Fri 7th May 2021

Under new public health measures announced by the Government on April 29th, restrictions on the use of public transport are to be eased.

In line with the relaxation of Covid-19 restrictions, Go-Ahead Ireland will return to 50% sitting and standing capacity across our fleet from Monday 10th May 2021.

We welcome the increase in capacity as it indicates the reopening of the economy and allows more people to travel on public transport.

We should, however, continue to follow the public health advice as the economy reopens and the vaccine programme is rolled out.

As we expect buses to be busier from Monday, before you travel, please consider if your journey is necessary, especially at peak time when students are travelling to and from school.

As the capacity increases, we ask passengers to continue to wear a face covering and to comply with signage on board vehicles, and to leave windows open where possible.

We remind all passengers that:

  • Those who can work from home should work from home.  
  • Walk or cycle where possible.
  • Go-Ahead Ireland has an enhanced daily cleaning regime on their fleet in order to contain the potential spread of Coronavirus (COVIDÔÇÉ19). This includes the sanitising of frequently touched surfaces on board and extending cleaning regimes to include inter-peak cleaning at depots and stations.
  • Use the hand sanitiser provided in the bus.
  • Use a Leap Card where possible


Please see below capacity on all types of buses we operate:

ODMA Services:

Double Deck Buses

Volvo B5: 36 + 1 Wheelchair

Volvo B7: 40 + 1 Wheelchair

Volvo B9: 36 + 1 Wheelchair

Single Deck buses

Streetlite: 20 + 1 Wheelchair

E200: 19 + 1 Wheelchair


Commuter Services:

VDL: 42 + 1 wheelchair

Sunsundegui: 24 + 1 wheelchair


Let`s continue to travel responsibly.