New air filters on trial across 3 buses for increased passenger safety

4 months ago Wed 10th Feb 2021

Passenger safety is of utmost importance for us, which is why Go-Ahead Ireland have fitted new PEPA-F HVAC filters on 3 buses on a trial basis.

 These filters capture airborne particles that may contain pathogens and viruses such as COVID-19, and eliminates them with an efficiency of 99.99%, making travel safer than ever.

 They are comprised of a dual or triple laminate foam filter with a double coating, which is perfect for capturing larger particles with an inner layer to capture finer particles. There is a second layers which has silver cured into it to help eliminate COVID-19.  

 These filters take a two-step approach to capturing and eliminating water, dust and aerosols. The filters have an efficiency of 99.99% against COVID-19. They have also been dermatologically tested to be non-irritating for passengers and maintenance staff.