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Viewing the timetable for service 102

Dublin Airport to Sutton Station
  • Route 102 Diversion : Swords

    15th Mar 2023 onwards

    Please note due to St. Patrick’s Day Parade taking place in Swords , the following diversions will be in place from 08:00-16:00hrs on 17th March 2023.

    Stops Affected :

    Route 102 Towards Sutton:

    Sports ground Swords Stop 4925
    Highfields Forest Road Swords Stop 4926
    Swords Mian Street Stop 3678
    Swords Pavillions SC. Stop 6117

    Towards Dublin Airport:
    Malahide Road Pavilion Stop 6054
    Swords Pavilions SC Stop 4330
    Penney's Dublin Street 3691
    Swords Forest Road Stop 3572
    Swords Ballintrane Wood Stop 3701

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