Temporary Timetable Change 23rd of January 2022

7 months ago Mon 10th Jan 2022

Please be advised that from Sunday, the 23rd of January 2022, the timetables will change for all ODMA services operated by Go-Ahead Ireland, apart from the 197.

For any information on the changes, please contact our customer care team who will be happy to help on, customercomment@goaheadireland.ie .

For more links to the timetables coming into effect on the 23rd of January 2022, please see below. 

Route Timetable
17/17D 17_17D_Web%20Timetables_SP22_0.pdf
17A 17A_Web%20Timetables_SP22.pdf
18 18_Web%20Timetables_SP22.pdf
33A 33A_Web%20Timetables_SP22.pdf
33B 33B_Web%20Timetables_SP22.pdf
45A 45A_45B_Web%20Timetables_SP22.pdf
59 59_Web%20Timetables_SP22.pdf
63/63A 63_63A_Web%20Timetables_SP22.pdf
75/75A 75_75A_Web%20Timetables_SP22.pdf
76/76A 76_76A_Web%20Timetables_SP22.pdf
102 102_Web%20Timetables_SP22.pdf
104 104_Web%20Timetables_SP22.pdf
111 111_Web%20Timetables_SP22.pdf
114 114_Web%20Timetables_SP22.pdf
161 161_Web%20Timetables_SP22.pdf
175 175_Web%20Timetables_SP22.pdf
184 184_Web%20Timetables_SP22.pdf
185 185_Web%20Timetables_SP22.pdf
220 220_Web%20Timetables_SP22.pdf
236/236A 236_236A_Web%20Timetables_SP22.pdf
238 238_Web%20Timetables_SP22.pdf
270 270_Web%20Timetables_SP22.pdf
L51 L51_Web%20Timetables_SP22.pdf
L52 L52_Web%20Timetables_SP22.pdf