Timetable Change 13th of March 2022

1 year ago Tue 8th Mar 2022

Please be advised that from Sunday, the 13th of March 2022, the timetables will return to normal service for all ODMA services operated by Go-Ahead Ireland.

For any information on the changes, please contact our customer care team who will be happy to help on, customercomment@goaheadireland.ie .

For more links to the timetables coming into effect on the 13th of March 2022, please see below. 

Route Timetable
17/17D 17_17D_Web%20Timetables_SP22_0.pdf
17A 17A_Web%20Timetables_SP22.pdf
18 18_Web%20Timetables_SP22.pdf
33A 33A_Web%20Timetables_SP22.pdf
33B 33B_Web%20Timetables_SP22.pdf
45A 45A_45B_Web%20Timetables_SP22.pdf
59 59_Web%20Timetables_SP22.pdf
63/63A 63_63A_Web%20Timetables_SP22.pdf
75/75A 75_75A_Web%20Timetables_SP22.pdf
76/76A 76_76A_Web%20Timetables_SP22.pdf
102 102_Web%20Timetables_SP22.pdf
104 104_Web%20Timetables_SP22.pdf
111 111_Web%20Timetables_SP22.pdf
114 114_Web%20Timetables_SP22.pdf
161 161_Web%20Timetables_SP22.pdf
175 175_Web%20Timetables_SP22.pdf
184 184_Web%20Timetables_SP22.pdf
185 185_Web%20Timetables_SP22.pdf
220 220_Web%20Timetables_SP22.pdf
236/236A 236_236A_Web%20Timetables_SP22.pdf
238 238_Web%20Timetables_SP22.pdf
270 270_Web%20Timetables_SP22.pdf
L51 L51_Web%20Timetables_SP22.pdf
L52 L52_Web%20Timetables_SP22.pdf