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Accessibility & Travel Assistance

At Go-Ahead Ireland we are committed to providing a safe and reliable service for all our customers. We also put a particular emphasis on those who may need additional assistance, for whatever reason.

All our vehicles – single and double deck - are low floor and accessible for wheelchairs, buggies and mobility scooters. There are designated seats for the elderly, disabled and pregnant women, should they wish to avail of them. Please note that by law all buses are allowed to carry only 1 wheelchair user on board, at any one time.

Visually Impaired

For those who are visually impaired, individual bus stop announcements are made in both English and Irish on all our routes. Guide dogs are welcome on all our buses.

Vulnerable Passengers

All Go-Ahead Ireland drivers undergo extensive training aimed at understanding how to look after vulnerable customers. They learn how to makes services accessible to all; the need to value customer quality and diversity; types of disability and the support they can offer as a bus driver and how to apply safeguarding best practice when dealing with children and young people. There is also a special section on age related conditions including dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Being vigilant

When hailing a bus, stand back as the bus approaches and make sure it has fully stopped before boarding. Likewise, when you are approaching your bus stop to alight, alert the driver by pressing the Stop button and give yourself time to get to the exit. While all our drivers are fully trained in Health and Safety, we advise customers to be extra vigilant when boarding or alighting a bus.


Our services operate on an exact fare basis and you can either pay with cash, use a Leap Card or another valid pass such as those issued for the Free Travel Scheme. If paying by cash, you should tell the driver where you are going and have the exact fare ready in coins as we do not accept notes. The driver will issue you a paper ticket to receipt your payment, you must hold onto this ticket for the duration of your journey for proof of payment for inspectors. If you overpay for your journey, we will not be able to reimburse you for the overpayment so please make sure you have the exact fare ready. Any overpayments will be paid to the National Transport Authority, who will put the money towards a charitable cause. The Leap card provides excellent savings for customers compared to cash fares, removing the need for cash and improving convenience and ease of use. For further information on how and where to purchase tickets, including on-line purchases and top up of Leap Cards please check out our website. Our services will accept those eligible for the Free Travel Scheme on production of a valid pass.

Ongoing consultation

As a business, our aim is to ‘take care of your journey’ and we are constantly working to improve and enhance your Go-Ahead Ireland experience. We welcome all feedback and will make changes when we are in a position to do so.

Travel Assistance Scheme

Go-Ahead Ireland is a member of the Travel Assistance Scheme for the Greater Dublin Area. The scheme assigns assistants who can accompany you the first few times you travel and give you advice on planning a journey on all bus services in Dublin, the DART or the Luas.

The Travel Assistance Scheme is free and is for people aged 18 or over.  You can use it Monday to Friday between 08:00hrs and 18:00hrs.

For more information on the scheme, please contact out customer care team on 1850 80 40 71 or email

To avail of the TFI 'Baby on Board' badges, please visit this page to find out about pick up locations.



For further information on accessible travel please visit the Transport for Ireland .


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Plan your journey