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Dublin Commuter Timetables & Fare Information
Go-Ahead Ireland commenced operation of the 125, 126 and 130 on Sunday Dec 1, for timetable and fare information please continue to read.
Christmas Operating Hours 2019/2020
For information on our operating hours over the Christmas period please read on.
197, Timetables and Route Information
On Sunday 24th November, we commenced operation of the 197 between Swords and Ashbourne. For timetables and information please read on.
Go-Ahead Ireland Happy to Support JAM Card
Go-Ahead Ireland is delighted to be among operators who are supporting the National Transport Authority’s introduction of the JAM Card.
Dublin Commuter: Frequently Asked Questions
For more information on the Dublin Commuter services, please read on.
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Plan your journey
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The Ongoing Journey of Go-Ahead Ireland

4 days ago 13th Jan

In 2019 Go-Ahead Ireland saw a 24% increase, when compared year on year, to last year/