Dublin GAA Partnership

5 days ago Wed 17th Apr 2024

Dublin GAA Partnership


Go-Ahead Ireland began its partnership with Dublin GAA in June 2021, originally sponsoring Adult Leagues and Championships for three years. Go-Ahead Ireland (GAI) has announced an extension of its existing sponsorship of the Dublin GAA adult leagues and championships across the four codes of Football, Ladies Football, Hurling, and Camogie until at least 2026.

With community at the heart of the Go-Ahead Ireland transport company’s operations comes their announcement of title sponsorship of Dublin GAA’s club adult leagues and championships including Football, Hurling and Camogie. Sport is an integral part of the wellbeing of any community alongside young people, not just in Dublin but all over Ireland. Go-Ahead Ireland’s partnership with Dublin GAA is all about working hand in hand to support the sports pathway and bridge between club and community.

Go-Ahead Ireland is a leading public transport provider, with a team of over 800 colleagues. The company serve communities throughout the Greater Dublin Area.Dublin GAA’s club adult leagues and championships include over 88 clubs and thousands of players participating in over 50 competition across all four codes.



Dublin GAA’s club adult league and championships consist of 88 clubs, the majority of which are part of the GAI network of services and communities, with thousands of players competing in over 50 competitions across four codes.


Commenting on the partnership renewal, Dervla McKay, Managing Director of Go-Ahead Ireland said: “This is an important partnership for us at Go-Ahead Ireland, one that we have committed to since its beginning in 2021.

We see a lot of shared values with Dublin GAA, in terms of the ethos that underpins our business and the services we provide. Both organisations serve the communities of Dublin, placing a fundamental importance on accessibility and engagement.

In 2021 we carried over 9 million passengers, with the latest figures showing that figure has increased to close to 19 million. These figures are an indication of the growth of our services and the communities we serve.

The partnership renewal with Dublin GAA is a platform for further growth and our ambition to enhance our connections with the communities of those that we serve on a daily basis.

Aisling Maher


Dublin GAA Commercial and Marketing Director, Tomás Quinn added: “We are delighted to extend our partnership agreement with Go-Ahead Ireland.

Our club leagues and championships are integral for our players and members across the county and the support of Go-Ahead Ireland helps us facilitate these competitions across all four codes.

We look forward to continuing to build on the work done to date and to continue to promote and show matches, highlights and clips free to air where possible.


We chatted with Rory O'Carroll and Aisling Maher, the Go-Ahead Ireland Dublin GAA Club Championships 2023 winners, at the event highlighting the renewal of the partnership between Go-Ahead Ireland and the Dublin GAA.

Check our our video below where we find out how they found last years championship, their thoughts on community passengers, memories of getting the bus to matches and training days and more.