Familibase Partnership

1 year ago Mon 13th Mar 2023

The partnership between Go-Ahead Ireland and Familibase, a local community centre for children, young people, and families rooted in the areas we proudly serve, seen another step forward last week. 


Go-Ahead Ireland donated four refurbished computer setups and laptops, which will be available to Familibase members seven days a week, as well as two PS5's for Familibase's youth café and Hi-Vis's for the centres "Reclaiming Our Streets" initiative.



"I think that the laptops and the computers are going to be a great addition to the youth café here at Familibase. It was something that we had a lot of in the early days. But as equipment gets damaged, or equipment breaks or goes out of date with software and it's expensive to replace. // Having the availability of laptops and desktops is great for young people to come in, we have a high demand of young people looking to come in to do their theory test, creating their CVs, learning word and excel. Having them available every morning for lone/young parents to come and update their CV etc." - Brendan Cummins , Youth Work Project Leader.