Leap card

TFI Leap Card is a smartcard, that can be loaded with travel credit and used on Go-Ahead Ireland's buses. 

The Leap card provides excellent savings for customers compared to cash fares, being up to 31% cheaper than cash single tickets They also provide the users benefits from smart discount features such as capping.

How can I buy a Leap Card?

You can buy an adult or child (5-15) Leap Card over the counter in one of the many outlets in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick and Waterford. To find your nearest outlet., please see the map on the following link. Alternatively, you can buy you card online here.

Child Leap Cards (16-18 & 24+) need to be personalised with a photo, and can be applied online for here.

Young Adult (19-23) and Student Leap Cards need to be personalised, to www.leapcard.ie for full details on how to get yours.

What type of Leap Card can I buy?

You can load travel credit on to your card, or you can load a range of tickets onto your TFI Leap Card. To find out what type of tickets you can load on you can visit the Leap Card website here.

How much is a leap card?

Your leap card cost will vary depending on the type of card you are purchasing. You can view the costs of the cards here.