33% Year-On-Year Increase in Bus Passenger Journeys in 2023 (Dublin)

5 months ago Thu 18th Jan 2024

Go-Ahead Ireland has the highest increase in bus passenger journeys in 2023 (Dublin) and one of the highest outside of Dublin across all public transport operators.


Newly released figures from the National Transport Authority (NTA) show that Go-Ahead Irelands Outer Dublin Metropolitan Area (ODMA) services carried 16.6 million passengers in 2023, reflecting a year-on-year increase of 33% as well as Go-Ahead Irelands highest ever passenger count. This is the highest increase in the number of bus passenger journeys in Dublin in 2023 across all services.


In line with the growth in Go-Ahead Irelands Dublin services, the company’s Commuter services carried 2 million passengers in 2023, a 54% year-on-year increase and one of the highest increases outside of Dublin of all operators.


Both increases occurred in the same year that Go-Ahead Ireland launched their second and third BusConnects phases in collaboration with the National Transport Authority, bringing about increased frequency and capacity as well as the enhancement of their Dublin Commuter services aligned with the Connecting Ireland Rural Mobility Plan.


In addition, the company further grew in 2023 by adding over 30 additional buses to its fleet, developing its Ballymount depot, and providing over 110 new driver positions to support the launch of their BusConnects phases and the enhancement of their commuter routes.


Commenting on the 2023 passenger numbers and overall increases, Dervla McKay, Managing Director of Go-Ahead Ireland said: “The passenger numbers published by the NTA are a great indication of the resilience of the public transport sector, and Go-Ahead Ireland is proud to be part of the service provided to communities both in the Dublin area and the commuter regions.


These numbers are a testament of supportive government policy, collaboration and the hard work and dedication at every level of our organization, from engineers and customer service to mechanics and bus drivers. As we head in to 2024, we look forward to continuing delivering reliable, accessible public transport services in the greater Dublin region”.