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Dublin Commuter Timetables & Fare Information

2 months ago Fri 6th Dec 2019

Go-Ahead Ireland operate the 120, 125, 126 and 130 service on behalf of the National Transport Authority. For information on the timetables and fares please see below.


Go-Ahead Ireland will commence operation of the following routes on 19th January 2020.


All fares for these services are determined by the National Transport Authority. and the fare charts for each service are available here. If you have any queries on this chart please contact our customer care team whose contact information are listed below.


For more information please read our Frequently Asked Questions.


If you have any queries on any of the above, please contact our Customer Care team who will be happy to assist on 1850 80 40 71 or


Plan your journey
Plan your journey
Go-Ahead Ireland to Commence Operation of Further Commuter Bus Services

1 month ago 17th Jan

From Sunday 19th January 2020, Go-Ahead Ireland will commence operation of a number of routes along the Dublin Commuter corridor.