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Go-Ahead Ireland to Commence Operation of Further Commuter Bus Services
8 months ago Fri 17th Jan 2020
From Sunday 19th January 2020, Go-Ahead Ireland will commence operation of a number of routes along the Dublin Commuter corridor.
The Ongoing Journey of Go-Ahead Ireland
8 months ago Mon 13th Jan 2020
In 2019 Go-Ahead Ireland saw a 24% increase, when compared year on year, to last year/
Christmas Operating Hours 2019/2020
9 months ago Fri 6th Dec 2019
For information on our operating hours over the Christmas period please read on.
Dublin Commuter Timetables & Fare Information
9 months ago Fri 6th Dec 2019
For information on the fares and timetables of the 120,125, 126 and 130 please continue to read.
Go-Ahead Ireland Happy to Support JAM Card
9 months ago Tue 26th Nov 2019
Go-Ahead Ireland is delighted to be among operators who are supporting the National Transport Authority’s introduction of the JAM Card.
197 Timetable and Fares
9 months ago Mon 25th Nov 2019
For information on the timetable and fares for route 197 please read on.
197, Timetable Changing Sunday 14th June
10 months ago Fri 22nd Nov 2019
On Sunday 14th June, the timetable for the 197 will be revised. For more details of the changes to the timetable please read on.
Sunday 1st December: Timetable changes for 18, 75, 76, 76A, 175, 236 & 236A
10 months ago Sun 17th Nov 2019
On Sunday 1st December 2019, timetables will be changing to to a number of routes, for more information please read on.
Dublin Commuter: Frequently Asked Questions
10 months ago Sun 17th Nov 2019
For more information on the Dublin Commuter services, please read on.
Local Heroes Raise €3,630 for Suicide Charity HOME
10 months ago Tue 12th Nov 2019
Two of our colleagues took part in a sky-dive to raise funds for local charity, HOME, to learn more and how you can help please read on.