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Transport for Ireland (TFI) introduces new integrated timetable of bus services on Routes 33 and 33a
212 days ago Mon 26th Nov 2018
From Sunday 2 December a new integrated timetable of services will be introduced on Dublin Bus Route 33 and Route 33a.
North County Dublin to get New Bus Operator As Go-Ahead Ireland Takes to the Streets
215 days ago Fri 23rd Nov 2018
Go-Ahead Ireland commence services of the 17a, 33a, 33b and 102 on Sunday 2nd December.
Timetable Changes from Sunday 2nd December: 45a, 45b, 59, 63, 63a, 75, 75a, 111 & 175
215 days ago Fri 23rd Nov 2018
From December 2, Go-Ahead Ireland is introducing changes to the current timetables for routes  45a, 45b 59, 63, 63a, 75, 75a, 111 & 175. 
Go-Ahead Ireland Commences a Further Three Bus Routes
246 days ago Tue 23rd Oct 2018
On Sunday 21st October 2018, Go-Ahead Ireland began operating the 111, 184 and 185 bus routes.
Route Switchover Signals Substantial Increase in Bus Services in Dublin
254 days ago Mon 15th Oct 2018
New livery, new operator for bus routes 45a, 59, 63 and 75.
Go-Ahead Gears up for Autumn Schedules
254 days ago Mon 15th Oct 2018
What Can you Expect from Dublin’s Newest Bus Company? Go-Ahead Ireland introduced its first bus, the 175, at the beginning of the month.
Route 175
285 days ago Fri 14th Sep 2018
After months of planning, at 9.11am on Sunday 9th September 2018, Route 175 took to the streets of Dublin.
Go-Ahead Ireland Opens New Depot In Dublin
352 days ago Mon 9th Jul 2018
Minister for Transport, Tourism & Sport Shane Ross T.D., today officially opened Go-Ahead Ireland's new bus depot located in Ballymount, Dub...
Go-Ahead Ireland Enjoys Surge in Recruitment as Depot Nears Completion
362 days ago Fri 29th Jun 2018
Go-Ahead Ireland (GAI), the country's newest private bus company, has today announced an unprecedented surge in recruitment as their new dep...
Go-Ahead Ireland creates 425 jobs & invests €8.5 million as it opens in Dublin
384 days ago Thu 7th Jun 2018
Go-Ahead Ireland, the country's newest private bus company, is today announcing the creation of 425 new jobs and an €8.5 million investment...
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