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Reduced fares
2 months ago Mon 4th Apr 2022
Public transport fares fall by 20% from the 11th of April
ODMA Timetable Changes
2 months ago Fri 1st Apr 2022
ODMA Timetable Changes coming into effect on the 17th of April 2022
G0-Ahead Ireland Climate Change
3 months ago Tue 29th Mar 2022
Go-Ahead Ireland Climate Change
Go-Ahead Ireland Announces Partnership with Stratio
3 months ago Fri 25th Mar 2022
New technology will reduce vehicle breakdown by 57% over the next three years
Go-Ahead Ireland launch 2021 Sustainability Report
3 months ago Wed 23rd Mar 2022
Go-Ahead Ireland are pleased to launch our 2021 Sustainability Report.
Timetable Change 13th of March 2022
3 months ago Tue 8th Mar 2022
Please be advised that from Sunday 13th March 2022, the timetables will return to normal serviceĀ for all ODMA services operated by Go-Ahead
Open Day 2022
4 months ago Mon 31st Jan 2022
Progress with us, come along to our open day for drivers and engineers on February 5th 2022.
Careers - Drivers
5 months ago Tue 25th Jan 2022
View all current driver opportunities to join the team at Go-Ahead Ireland.
National Transport Authority Bye-Laws 2019
5 months ago Mon 17th Jan 2022
Temporary Timetable Change 23rd of January 2022
5 months ago Mon 10th Jan 2022
Please be advised that from Sunday 23rd January 2022, there will be changes to all services operated by Go-Ahead Ireland, excluding the 197.