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World Day for Health and Safety at Work
5 months ago Wed 28th Apr 2021
The health and safety of our colleagues and customers is central to everything we do.
Earth Day 2021
6 months ago Thu 22nd Apr 2021
Go-Ahead Ireland is committed to caring for the environment, the communities and the people it serves
Women in Go-Ahead Ireland
6 months ago Fri 16th Apr 2021
Celebrating the women working in Go-Ahead Ireland
Timetable change for Dublin Commuter services
6 months ago Fri 2nd Apr 2021
Timetable change for Dublin Commuter services
World Autism Awareness Day
6 months ago Fri 2nd Apr 2021
Go-Ahead Ireland teams up with ASIAM to improve accessibility on public transport for those affected by autistic syndrome.
Go-Ahead Ireland reviews the latest in electric bus technology at Ballymount Depot
7 months ago Wed 24th Mar 2021
Electric bus hosted by Go-Ahead Ireland
St Patrick`s Day schedule
7 months ago Thu 11th Mar 2021
St Patrick`s Day service arrangements
ODMA timetable change: Sunday 8th March
7 months ago Fri 5th Mar 2021
From Sunday 7th March, we will commence operation of our additional capacity services to accommodate demand at school opening and closing ti
New air filters on trial across 3 buses for increased passenger safety
8 months ago Wed 10th Feb 2021
Go-Ahead Ireland have fitted new PEPA-F HVAC on 3 buses for improved passenger safety
ODMA Timetable change - Sunday 24th January
9 months ago Fri 22nd Jan 2021
Go-Ahead Ireland will commence operation of an amended schedule of services from Sunday 24th of January