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New timetables to commence from Wednesday 1 April

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197, Timetables and Route Information
4 months ago Fri 22nd Nov 2019
On Sunday 24th November, we commenced operation of the 197 between Swords and Ashbourne. For timetables and information please read on.
Sunday 1st December: Timetable changes for 18, 75, 76, 76A, 175, 236 & 236A
4 months ago Sun 17th Nov 2019
On Sunday 1st December 2019, timetables will be changing to to a number of routes, for more information please read on.
Dublin Commuter: Frequently Asked Questions
4 months ago Sun 17th Nov 2019
For more information on the Dublin Commuter services, please read on.
Local Heroes Raise €3,630 for Suicide Charity HOME
4 months ago Tue 12th Nov 2019
Two of our colleagues took part in a sky-dive to raise funds for local charity, HOME, to learn more and how you can help please read on.
Go-Ahead Ireland Gears up for Dublin Commuter Launch: 1 Dec 2019
5 months ago Wed 30th Oct 2019
For more information on the commencement of the services and timetable information please continue to read on.
Major Jobs Announcement for Naas as Go-Ahead Ireland Gears Up to Commence Commuter Routes
7 months ago Fri 23rd Aug 2019
Friday 26th July 2019; Go-Ahead Ireland, the country's newest bus company has today officially opened its second depot in Ireland.
Anti-Racism Launch, Join us on the Journey
7 months ago Fri 23rd Aug 2019
Last Friday, Transport for Ireland (TFI) and the Immigrant Council of Ireland unveiled their annual anti-racism campaign on public transport
Ironman Diversions 2019
7 months ago Fri 23rd Aug 2019
Due to Ironman Dún Laoghaire there will be diversions on a number of routes on Sunday AUgust 25 between 07:00 and 14:00.
Sunday 25th August: Timetable changes for 33B, 75 and 161
7 months ago Tue 20th Aug 2019
From Sunday 25th of August, Go-Ahead Ireland is introducing changes to the current timetables for routes  33B, 75/A and 161.
Monday 5th August: Dún Laoghaire 10K Diversions, 45a, 59, 63, 75, 111
8 months ago Sat 3rd Aug 2019
Mon 5/8/19: Diversions will be in place for routes 45a, 59, 63, 75 & 111. For details on the diversions, please continue to read.
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